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Colon Hydrotherapy and Ozone Steam Sauna



Colon Hydrotherapy

A gentle cleansing of the colon using purified water. A safe and effective method of cleansing without the use of drugs.


Ozone Steam Sauna

A great combo with the colonic as it relaxes the body, wakes up the organ systems , and oxidizes toxins.


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In the clinic we offer many detox and digestive supplements. Food intolerance test offered on this page.

About Alexa

I was working as a home healthcare aide in Minneapolis while going to nursing school when I became extremely ill with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms.


The doctors couldn’t explain it and had a drug treatment plan for me. I had just had my baby and was desperate not to go down that road. My close friend took me to her Colon Hydrotherapist to deal with my terrible symptoms.

After having a few sessions at the colonic clinic I underwent a naturopathic program they recommended. In 90 days I was symptom free. The Colon Hydrotherapist agreed to take me under her wing so I quit nursing school and embarked on a career in complementary medicine. After a year and a half of intense training, I opened my own clinic in my hometown of Red Wing, Minnesota. 

I met a beautiful man there from New Zealand and decided to take my little son and move to paradise. For immigration purposes, I became certified in Colon Hydrotherapy to get my skilled migrant worker visa so we could stay in New Zealand. We eventually became dual citizens and lived there for 15 years.


During my time there I worked within a naturopathic detox clinic where the owner who had sponsored me for immigration purposes had a lab where she produced over 50 herbal and vitamin supplements. While working in the lab I learned so much about the production of supplements, their purity, strength, and uses for the plants. We developed my fiber supplement together which I have been selling in the clinic for over a decade.


Ozone was the next big lightning bolt. Seeing its uses and discovering how it enhances the detox process made it the next addition to the clinic. I have seen it help a lot of people in so many profound ways. 

I have opened 4 clinics in the 20 years I have been a Colon Hydrotherapist. I sold 2 clinics and have trained new therapists who are passionate about natural health. It’s about lifestyle changes, prevention of illness, looking closely at what we are consuming, and finding natural solutions.


What Actually Happens

A tour of the clinic, explanation of the benefits of ozone therapy, how the equipment works and to meet your therapist.

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