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Colon Hydrotherapy

Alexa guiding a client through Colonic Irrigation or Colon hydrotherapy
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About Colon  Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy dates back to ancient Egyptian days. Humans learned this idea from watching the Ibis bird clean itself with its long curvature beak. Through the centuries there have been many types of equipment to do this process.


Luckily these days we use a type 2 medical device with a very sensitive pressure gauge to help the therapist determine the water pathway in your colon. We filter and heat the water to body temperature. The therapist will sit with you and massage your tummy as well as see how you are digesting and determine congestion levels.


When you come in for your first appointment we have you fill out a health questionnaire to tell us about your digestive system.


At Wellness Wave we can recommend natural solutions to help your digestive system. Supplements in the clinic as well as a series of sessions to improve digestion and elimination. We can add enhancements to the colonic sessions such as coffee, OZONE, or chlorophyll. The ozone sauna before your session can really kick-start the detox as well as relax the body.


I always recommend a series of treatments fairly close together to get rid of the deeper older stuff called mucoid plaque. These sessions get the best results if they can be 2-3 days apart. Ultimately it is up to the client as to how many sessions we do.

  • $120 Single Session

  • $550 Package of 5

  • $150 Ozone Colonic


I wholeheartedly recommend Ms Alexa Rapp’s Colon Hydrotherapy services as being excellent, discreet, highly professional and beneficial to health. In my experience I found the course of treatments to be very effective in assisting to detoxify my body much more quickly and accelerate healing. Benefits have included the following…. *relief of chronic fatigue including marked reduction in muscle pain and overall body stiffness, increased energy levels.  *lifting of mood and sense of wellbeing , * clarity of mind and calming effect *skin pink clear younger looking and absence of acne * removal of sinusitis and wheezing*increased appetite *food cravings minimized*removal of constipation and haemeroid reduction* reduction in hot flushes in frequency and severity. Harriet Moxi 

I am a 42 year old yoga instructor. I have done fasting , juicing , herbal cleanses and eat a macrobiotic diet. It wasn’t until I decided to do a series of colonics that a little Barbie doll shoe appeared in the view tube on my 7th session that I swallowed when I was 4. Yikes so glad I did this therapy. Zoe L.

About Alexa

Alexa has 18 years of experience as a colon hydrotherapist. She recently moved back to the good ole US of A after being in New Zealand for the past 14 years. While in NZ she adopted OZONE therapy as a partner to the colonics.

The magic combination brings cleansing to the next level.

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